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Sheet Metal Fabrication

In the sheet metal fabrication area we provide a full range of welding services:

  1. Welding jigs for fast and efficient repeat welds
  2. Spot welding and projection welding machines for a neat and cost effective finish
  3. Hand welders for small volume production runs
  4. Highly skilled and fully qualified Mig Welding and Tig Welding staff
  5. Production of low volume batches and prototype models
  6. Ability to weld metal fabrications up to 5.5m long - handling large and heavy items using robots and cranes.
  7. A full grind, finish dressing and fetteling service as required.

Once the sheet metal product has been welded it moves to the metal finishing process. Alternatively, at this point, manufactured parts can also be despatched to the customer either for them to finish, or supplied as a completed component.

Typical Products: metal cabinets, metal furniture, metal frames, metal boxes

Sheet Metal Welding sheet metal fabricatioin

G&C Engineering- UK Sheet Metal Fabrication & Metal Finishing based in Pershore, Worcestershire

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