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Sheet Metal Finishing

Once the sheet metal product has been produced we have a number of metal finishing options:

  1. iron phosphate, pre-treatment paintlines
  2. Paintline capable of handling items 6m in length
  3. Paintlines suitable for architectural structures using appropriate building and construction finishes
  4. Manual and automatic paint guns
  5. High temperature wet paint facilities
  6. Plating
  7. Chemical blacking

The Metal Finishing Process: The oily component is taken from the production machine, washed, and then coated with a protective surface treatment. Once the protective layer is dry the product goes into the power coating booth where it's baked.  This metal finishing process creates a hardwearing surface for the product and gives excellent paint coverage. Smooth and textured paint finishes are available in an extensive range of colours.

To remain competitive and to reduce our environmental impact we've also worked hard to improve the efficiency and power consumption of our equipment and as a result, our paint lines are now 75% more energy efficient.

Typical Products: Metal building frames, atrium frames, outdoor shelters, smoking shelters, post boxes, metal cabinets

sheet metal finishing  

Sheet Metal Finishing- West Midlands, UK

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