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Power Presses and Amada Brake Presses

Once the sheet metal has been through the punching process the resulting blanks often need to be formed into 3D shapes by our power presses or Amada brake presses. Our conventional power presses are used for the larger volume jobs - where they are more cost effective. Our in-house tool room has facilities to manufacture the specialised tooling required and our power presses can handle up to 125 tonnes capacity.

  1. Our Amada brake presses are ideal for lower volume work and product development especially if designs are still being modified and refined.
  2. The Amada CNC machines can bend metal blanks up to 4.3m long.
  3. G&C also carry an extensive range of tooling which means most jobs can be easily converted.

The Amada off-line programming facility is linked to the brake press and helps to reduce set up times and therefore cost .  The CAD and modeling software is used to specify the correct tools and process required for each bend, which enables us to programme the machine for automated production runs. Using this modeling software, it's also possible to advise a customer at the initial design stage, whether or not the specified bend can be achieved, helping to reduce costly errors and wastage.

Typical Applications: enclosures, formed fabrications

Power Presses and Amada Brake Presses CNC Control

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